Creative Thinking: Strategies to Develop and Refine your Project Ideas,An online Course by Node Center

Every project we want to make or do starts with an idea, an impulse that is often inspired by a subject or question we are interested in exploring. But how can we make that initial idea the best it can be? This Course will expose participants to a number of different strategies for research, development, and refinement of an idea while creating visual tools to track their ideation process.
This Course is for curators, artists, designers, and anyone in the cultural fields wishing to make the creative process of developing concepts more effective and to arrive at ideas that would take their projects to the next level.
Following the Course, participants will learn a range of creative thinking and research techniques, including practical and unorthodox research methods as well as visual tools to track their creative process. Participants will be able to apply these techniques to any number of project ideas, leading to the creation of each participant’s unique method that is suited to their specific practice and the needs of the project.
Full information and enrollment:

– Duration: April 14 – May 5, 2015
– Application deadline: April 11, 2015
– Lecturer: Jennifer Danos
– Participation fee: 148 EUR

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